Imagining it is wonderful, but even better is the experience.

Oskar Wilde


The most beautiful we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein


If anything at all will lead me to myself,

a digression round the world will do.

Hermann Keyserling


Don't go where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a trace.

Jean Paul


If you want to experience the extraordinary,

you have to search for the extraordinary.

Sergius Golowin


Life is not measured in breaths, but in those places and moments

that will take your breath away.
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NAU Travel stands for extraordinary travel experiences off the beaten track. For unforgettable impressions amidst nature and wild animals, the encounter of different cultures, learning about regional traditions and specialties and for individually guided tours with professional and experienced guides in small groups or with a private guide. NAU Travel stands for the trip of your lifetime.


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Why NAU Travel?

  • Groups of 10 travellers or less or private individual guided tours
  • Adventure travel off the beaten track
  • Encountering different cultures
  • Fun & Adventure with Rest & Relaxation
  • Individual requests are honored
  • Experienced and competent team
  • Fair ratio of price and performance
  • Fair tourism

Our tours

Wildlife Photo Tour 2016

03 Sep 2016 - 17 Sep 2016
€ 3450,-

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